Hope Center in Grangeville and Kamiah recently announced they have expanded their team and hired Katie Linabary of Grangeville as a part-time employee. Hope Center is a “place to learn and grow,” especially for expecting parents or parents of small children; however, a variety of resources are available at the centers.

Linabary has served on the board as its secretary for the past two and one-half years. She has written several pieces for the newsletter and is now in charge of its production. She and her husband recently welcomed their third child.

Hope Center is directed by Kelly Turney with a volunteer board of directors that includes Bob Turney (chair), Jordan Raichart (vice-chair), Suzi Hiebert (treasurer), Sherry Kinnick, Marlene Wood, Elizabeth Hicks and Julie Church.

Call 208-983-0093 in Grangeville or 208-935-0376 in Kamiah; www.hopecenterid.org; e-mail hopepc@camasnet.com.

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