STITES – Pat Hunter has spent a lifetime following the Lord’s direction. This has come from a lifetime of prayer and heeding the call of Jesus, she said.

This life of being a Christian has led her to be active in a variety of areas. One of those areas is in songwriting.

“Back in the late 1990s, different friends of mine would sing a special at church and mention that they had written it. It captured my attention and interest for some reason,” she said. “Finally, I prayed and, like a little kid tugging on Mom’s apron or Dad’s coattail and asking for something their sibling got, saying ‘I want some too,’ … I prayed, ‘Lord, I love music and I like poetry… could I write songs too?’”

Following that conversation with God, she said she had a dream. In it, she heard herself telling a friend she had written a song, and saying, “and it goes like this ….”

“And in my dream, I started singing the first of it to her. That’s all I got… the first of a song. I awoke excited and amazed. It stuck in my memory,” she recalled. “About two months later, I got to thinking of it again and thought, ‘I should finish that song!’ So, I jotted down lines and changed lines and jotted more… until it was done.”

“So the first time I sang it was in my dream,” she smiled. “I don’t know when I first sang it to a group, but sometime in 2000 probably, near when I wrote it,” she said. “I am not one to keep quiet when the Lord does something exciting in my life, I kind of bubble over telling others close to me.”

She has since written other songs. She keeps them in a notebook labeled, ”Sing Unto The Lord A New Song.” She has about 27 songs written down so far.

“Some sound slow and mellow, some really have a cool beat. One sounds Jewish, one is a rap,” she laughed.

One of her songs, the Animal Ark Rap, has been used for The Life Center’s youth programs.

Hunter retired as the Clearwater Valley Elementary School librarian in 2015.

“I was a bit at loose ends with my retirement, even though I did help at Loving Hands [thrift store] as a cashier, but when I learned of Rescue Her, I found my passion,” she said.

It was about that time that Hunter saw a news report stating Spokane was a large human trafficking area.

“I had a hard time wrapping my head around that – somewhere right in our own backyard,” she said.

She said she prayed about what she could do and felt God ask her, “What’s in your hands?”

That question brought her to start Pat’s Crafty Corner and collaborate with friends and relatives to make and sell homemade items. All proceeds go to the Rescue Her organization that helps fight human trafficking by rescuing, retraining and counseling those who have been enslaved.

To date, Hunter has helped raise $7,790 for the organization. Aside from money, she hopes to bring awareness to the situation and help promote healthy communities where people are cherished and respected.

“What can you do? What’s in your hands?” she asks.

Hunter mainly makes crocheted items and is in a group called Tuesday Time. 

“We meet Tuesdays in the East Wing of The Life Center [in Kamiah] from 10 a.m. to noon, doing our own craft projects or learning a new one together,” she explained. She said sometimes they complete a tutorial online together or one person will share a skill with the others. “I have learned new skills there, have support for what I get stuck or confused about, and have made new friends. I love it!” 

The group sponsored a tree for the Kamiah Youth Fund-raiser Festival of Trees that brought in $250 to support UYLC (Upriver Youth Leadership Council). 

To find out more about Rescue Her and how Hunter helps fund-raise for the organization, go to Hunter’s Facebook page, Pat’s Crafty Corner.

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