Idaho County 4-H achievement awards 2017 announced

4-H achievement winners 2017

What does it take to succeed in 4-H? Ask the 2017 Idaho County Achievement Award Winners who were recently announced.

Junior winners are Halee Rowland, Elizabeth Severns and MaKenna York. In the intermediate category are Halle Klapprich, Aliyah Pineda and Mary Kate Forsmann. Senior honorees include Lindsey Goeckner, Gabriel Forsmann, Hunter Connolley and Sydney Andrews.

According to Idaho County 4-H director Susie Heckman, during the year, club leaders keep track of all of the members’ activities, giving points for their participation.

“Club leaders submit their top point earners to the 4-H Extension office at the end of the 4-H year,” she explained. “The top point earners from all of the 4-H clubs in the county are given to the 4-H Program Council and the 4-H Achievement Award winners are selected.”

Heckman said the purpose of the achievement award is to recognize 4-H’ers who exemplify the goals of the Idaho County 4-H Program. Emphasis for the award includes overall achievement, leadership and citizenship.

This year’s Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award went to Hold Your Horses 4-H Club horse project leader Sharon Blackmer of Grangeville.

Blackmer has not only been a club volunteer, but has also been instrumental in assisting with the horse bowl and taking 4-H members to district, state and national competitions, Heckman said.

Halee Rowland is the daughter of Brent and Tara Rowland of Cottonwood and has completed her first year in the Cottonwood Saddliers and Livestock 4-H Club.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is being with family and friends,” she said. “I really liked having an animal and being able to show him. I also liked modeling at the fair.”

Rowland said she also learned patience and responsibility.

“Doing 4-H is worth the time and effort,” she added.

Elizabeth Severns lives in Nezperce and is the daughter of Ashley and Diane Severns. She is a member of the Rebel Riders and Greencreek Active Workers 4-H clubs and has been involved for four years.

Her favorite things about 4-H included having an animal and being in Horse Bowl.

“I have learned how to control my temper when I work with my animals, especially my horse,” she said.

MaKenna York of Grangeville is the daughter of Eric and Heidi York. She has been a member of the Crazy Critters 4-H Club for the past two years.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is learning about my dog, showing, and community service,” York said. “I’ve learned that 4-H helps build my confidence and teaches me the importance of helping others in my community.”

Halle Klapprich of Cottonwood is the daughter of Heath and Tara Klapprich. She has been in 4-H six years as a member of the Cottonwood Saddliers and Livestock Club.

“Some things I learned in my 4-H years are responsibility, time management, and how to have fun. I learned responsibility from the teen leadership project and from all the years I have helped my mom with Making the Most of Me and sewing,” Klapprich said. “This year I helped my cousin sew her pants for her sewing project. I learned time management skills from taking several projects a year and also taking sports. I learned how to schedule a lot. I learned to have fun by having a lot of family in our 4-H group and by knowing a lot of people in our group.”

Aliyah Pineda of Grangeville has been a member of the Hold Your Horses 4-H Club for the past seven years. She is the daughter of Ashley Thompson and Jeff and Tesse Pineda.

“I love a lot of things about 4-H, but my favorite part would be everything I learn. In 4-H not only are you learning about the project you take, but also things like leadership, writing, presenting and competing,” she said.

She added that 4-H offers great opportunities to make one’s weaknesses better.

“I know I definitely wouldn’t be as good a presenter as I am today without 4-H,” she said. “4-H really helps you learn and better the skills that you have.”

Mary Kate Forsmann is the daughter of Eric and Joyce Forsmann of Grangeville. She has been in 4-H for nine years and is a member of the Crazy Critters 4-H Club.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is all of the fun activities you do through the year,” she said. “I love getting to meet new people at the fair and starting new friendships. And I have learned that I have a very strong work ethic. I feel I am a very good leader to the younger kids and a role model for them.”

Lindsey Goeckner of Craigmont has been in 4-H for 10 years and is a member of the Cottonwood Saddliers and Livestock 4-H Club. She is the daughter of Brent and Jennie Goeckner.

“I love cattle and having the opportunity to show them,” she said. “I also love that I got the opportunity to have leadership roles.”

Goeckner said 4-H is actually what made her decide to become an agriculture major.

“I think the world would be a better place if every single kid got the opportunity to take at least one year of 4-H,” she added.

Gabe Forsmann of Grangeville is the son of Eric and Joyce Forsmann and has been a member of 4-H for nine years. He is involved with the Crazy Critters 4-H Club.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is all of the opportunities you get to meet new people. Through 4-H I have met people from all over the state and county,” he said. “While in 4-H I have discovered my passion for traveling and meeting new people.”

Grangeville’s Hunter Connolley has been in 4-H for three years as a Cloverbud and then 11 years as a member. He has bene a member of Mountain Dwellers, Salmon River and Lively Livestock 4-H clubs. He is the son of Mike and Tara Connolley.

“The first few years the 4-H draw for me was the fun and interesting Cloverbud projects. As a member I was able to join in the competitive parts of 4-H, which has remained an important aspect throughout,” he said. “I’ve gained valuable skills, made friends, been challenged to deal with obstacles and disappointment, brought home a trophy or two and a strong foundation of good memories. In the last few years I have felt the responsibility to pass to the next wave of 4-H’ers what I’ve learned. The maple bars at the 4-H booth are epic.”

Sydney Andrews of Kooskia currently lives in Rexburg where she is attending college. She is the daughter of Sean and Rachel Andrews and was a member of Valley Livestock and More 4-H Club for seven years.

“I loved meeting new people and making meaningful connections and friendships in 4-H,” she said. “I loved being able to help other kids to progress, and at the same time feeling myself growing as a person. I love the leadership opportunities that 4-H provides!”

Andrews said some of the most significant things she learned in 4-H was that she could make a difference: citizenship, and leadership matters.

“I am so grateful for this program that has given me so much, and helped me build the foundation for success in my life,” Andrews said. “I will forever be an advocate of 4-H, and hope to be able to contribute to the organization as soon as possible as a potential collegiate, or future — after college —volunteer.”

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