LOWELL/SYRINGA — The rivers are starting to rise, the trees are leafing out, the geese are honking all day, turkeys grazing and wandering looking for bugs and food, and it’s bear season, too. Casey Smith and his crew are coming the end of this week for some serious bear hunting; he said last year there were five hunters with tags, five bears in the back of their truck going home to southern Idaho.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game is working on a fish trap right here at the confluence, the Nez Perce Tribe was up working on the fish ladder on the Selway, and the IDT has been brushing the highway on both sides as they always do during the early spring. The State of Idaho has some land they are going to log up the Selway River, and right behind them is the USFS salvage timber sale. I don’t know when they plan to start, but the uniforms are up and down the river as I write this.

Lowell and Syringa — it is a happening place. We have sunshine every once in a while, we have a restaurant that is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, (The Wilderness Inn), we have gas, gifts and groceries (Cougar Canyon Station), we have cabins and rooms for rent, (Three Rivers Resort), and we even have whitewater raft trips starting up on the Lochsa, (ROW and Three Rivers Rafting). USFS campgrounds are starting to open, too!

In people news, Beth Peterson came up for a few days and went to JJ Hot Springs. Hal Thomas is coming this weekend to get out with his boat on the river. We had several families for the Easter weekend, and even an early family reunion, the Ackland family. Clearwater Valley Junior High School track has its first meet on April 14 at Kamiah. Go Rams, and Miss Martha!

The Easter Bunny found the Smith houses; Mr. Max got a sock monkey basket with a ninja turtle ball in it along with the eggs. He’s clueless right now, it could have fallen from the sky for all he knows, but he was happy!

The MERMS went to McCall, went ice skating and saw some family friends for two days, but that smart bunny found out where they were and even found them, too. Miss Maddie is not one to question; don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, or gift bunny either!

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