Kamiah woman is counselor of the year

(L-R) University of Idaho Associate Director of Admissions Wes Vaina, Jeannette Wilcox, Rachel Peasley. Contributed photo

KAMIAH — Kamiah High School Counselor Jeannette Wilcox was recently named Region 2 Counselor of the Year by the Idaho Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (IACRAO).

The award recognizes excellence in school counseling in the North Idaho South Region which includes the large geographic area from Latah County south through Idaho County.

In presenting the award, Lewis-Clark State College Assistant Director of Admissions Rachel Peasley stated, “Jen has been extremely easy to work with in her short time as counselor. She brings a great energy regarding higher education opportunities, and I’ve seen her students really respond well. I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing the impact she will make.”

University of Idaho Associate Director of Admissions Wes Vaina noted that Wilcox puts students first.

“She is their best advocate, guiding them through college admissions processes and seeking solutions to challenges along the way. This is critical for a student’s success,” Vaina said.

Kamiah High School Principal Peggy Flerchinger said she is “extremely pleased that the second year Kamiah High School Counselor received the award.

“Jeannette truly cares for our students and her guidance is making a positive difference for youth in our area. We are very proud of her many accomplishments,” Flerchinger stated.

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