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Test your knowledge of local, regional history against these questions, provided by the Idaho County Genealogical Society.

1. If you know where the Time Zone Bridge is, would you know what it was originally named?

2. Why is the Snake River so named?

3. The first church of the Camas Prairie was built in 1886-1887 in what location?

4. The first county seat of Idaho County was originally where?

5. Originally what town was named Stuart?

6. The Nez Perce Indians called what town Sike-Sike?

7. There were two businesses between The Pizza Factory and Irwin Drug. What were they?

8. Where in Grangeville was the J C Penney store located?


1 - Goff Bridge

2 - Thus named due to the Indian tribe of the Snakes

3 - Keuterville

4 - Mount Idaho

5 - Kooskia

6 - Grangeville, meaning The Foot of the Mountains

7 - Barber shop and men’s clothing store

8 - Along Main Street, second store from corner of Heritage Square

Questions and answers were provided by the Idaho County Genealogical Society, located at 226 East North Street, Grangeville, online at For trivia questions, contact Eileen Uhlenkott, 208-962-7790 or

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