Lowell/Syringa News

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- Day One, breaking news from the wilderness of Idaho. Coldest day of the year, March coming in like a lion....please, please go out like a lamb.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game has moved into the cabins in Lowell at Three Rivers Resort. They start working on the fish traps for counting and current details important for a healthy survival of trout, steelhead, and salmon.

Marika, Mike, and the team are out there this week. Temp: 11 degrees.

Chris and Nicole Engledow and Victoria Craft, the resort owners, are busy inside the store and office taking reservations and getting inventory in place for the new season!

Let's talk about Syringa: ROW is starting to prepare for a grand spring opening, the beautiful cabins and popular restaurant will be ready very soon. They have everything all set and the food delivery trucks will be pulling in as the river rises.

The Wilderness Inn at Lowell has shown some activity lately; I'm ready for a "Wilderness Burger" with fries and a chocolate shake!

Ella 2

Sometimes her hair is curly, sometimes it's straight. Miss Ella is 15 on March 18....she's the E in MERMS. Seen here at age 2 (above) and then almost 15 (below)!

Ella 15

The MERMS are going in 10 different directions! Miss Ella will be 15 in a few weeks. She is a sweet 15, we don't even have to wait for 16....and smart, too!

Thank you to the IF&G for the party! Oh, and to Annetta and Lester from Grangeville, for calling and letting me know I'm not losing my touch on reporting, and several others who said nice things about my lame writing!!

Saw a clip in the LMT that had a guy who fell and froze to death right next to his front door. I slipped on the ice last night and I lay there for a minute spread eagle, not hurt, and all I could think of was, “Oh no, I didn't write my article yet!”

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