Lowell / Syringa: ISHS drops Lochsa Corridor nomination

Lowell, Syringa

LOWELL / SYRINGA — We’ve had snow — it’s 18” on the ground. The Fish and Game came and went putting in fish traps at Weir Creek, but that’s it on news, so I’m going to write a news story that happened many years ago.

A car came off the highway late one cold winter night. It was a couple and their son, who was about 13 or 14, who rang my bell asking for medical help. I ran down the stairs and dialed 911. The dispatcher said she would send the Lowell EMT Unit. When I got the family up to a warm place, they told me their son had popped a hard candy in his mouth and it got stuck in his throat, wouldn’t go down, wouldn’t come up, he was wheezing and they had tried the Heimlich maneuver, but to no avail. Then, here comes the EMT vehicle down my driveway. Penny Keck stepped out, all alone, she had a red plaid shirt and red pajama bottoms, her hair was short and she was having a bout of what we call “bedhead”! Big boots up to her knees.

“OK young man, let’s see what we can do!” She asked for a glass of warm water, she pulled up a chair and started to massage his throat. She continued to have him sip as she rubbed his throat for a good 10 to 15 minutes. The candy went down, the boy took a deep gasp of air, and all was well.

Penny got up, handed me the glass, turned on her heel, out the door and gone!

The happy family gathered their belongings and headed to the door.

The young man looked at me and quietly asked, “Was that a man or a woman?”

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