Greg Pruett

Greg Pruett, president for Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance, at Pioneer Park in Grangeville Sept. 24.

GRANGEVILLE -- Greg Pruett, president for Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance, gave a talk on the conservative case for abolishing the ballot initiatives in Idaho.

According to Pruett, there is no inalienable right to a ballot initiative such as we have with the right to keep and bear arms. The radical progressives are using the ballot initiatives to press forward with their agendas. The ballot initiative only exists in half of the fifty states, but it is a tool the left loves because it allows them to bypass representative government in states where their radical ideas haven’t yet taken hold. The legislature does not vote on initiatives; they become laws by popular vote. The ballot initiative can be used by conservatives to pass good laws also. But they use it sparingly.

An initiative was used to expand Medicaid in Idaho last year at a cost to taxpayers of more than $5 billion over the next 10 years.

Pruett said, “With radical leftists mobilizing in Idaho to upend the freedoms and values that we hold dear, it's time for gun owners to mobilize and ensure that our right to keep and bear arms remains protected. Too many gun owners feel comfortable here in Idaho.”

“Too many think that Idaho is immune from the collapses of freedom we have seen in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Those gun owners would be wrong. Now I know that you and I understand the dangers that we face as a state with the rise of these radical progressives. Our goal is to reach out to as many gun owners as possible to get them involved in the fight.”

That is the purpose of the Freedom Tour that came to Grangeville Sept. 24.

Visit to learn more about this or sign up to join the fight.

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