A little more than six months ago, a very good friend introduced us to her adorable husky puppy, Sakari. Her name means “sweet” in the Inupiaq language. She wears her name well. She is beautiful, inquisitive, smart, energetic and, as most puppies, she can be a rascal too. After spending only a few hours with her, I fell completely in love with her. (I have a brag book of pictures and videos on my phone to show you if you would like).

Sometimes, she gets to spend a weekend with me, her grandpa, and we take walks together. It gives her an outlet for her excess energy and me some heart-pumping exercise.

On one of our walks, I noticed some characteristics about her that became a teaching moment for me. One of them is how much she wants to be with me. (I hope I can become the person she thinks I am!) I observed that to be near me was more important to her than other basic needs. Before she thinks about her food, she runs to me, wagging her tail, dropping down to receive her favorite belly rubs. Even while she is exploring on her own, chasing deer and birds, trying to catch a bumble bee or befriending horses, she likes me to be close by. After some exciting adventures, she snuggles up to touch my leg, looking for my hand to stroke her fluffy coat and telling her that she is my “good girl.”

That made me think about my relationship with my Creator and Redeemer. Do I want to be with Him as much as Sakari seeks my presence? I imagine, my drawing near to Him evokes the same feelings for Him that I have when Sakari wants to be near me. As a follower of Jesus, I am to be known for having been with Him, as the disciples mentioned in the book of Acts. They were nobodies in the world’s eyes, without diplomas and references. Yet they were instruments of healing, turning the world right side up. They were known not for how much they knew, what they had accomplished, or how famous they were, but for “having been with Jesus.”

God uses creation as a science classroom and teaches us wisdom by the birds, and ants, eagles, lizards, locusts, and cute huskies named Sakari! (Job 35:11).

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