It seems like we now have five seasons. We have spring, summer, smoke, fall and winter. The other four seasons all have their purpose, they have their good points and are necessary and productive. Smoke season doesn’t seem have any good points. There are fires, danger, loss of property and unpleasant or toxic breathing conditions. For many, smoke season has immediate negative effects. For others the negative effects will show up in our lungs later in life.

During smoke season we have days where the wind comes in and the high pressure shifts and the air clears. Those are happy days!

Sometimes in life we have dry conditions, bad storms, some devastating events and the results can be a smoke season. The air is hazy, breathing is difficult, the smell of loss and devastation lingers in our nostrils. We don’t want to live in a prolonged smoke season. It is hazardous to our health. It limits our normal and good activities; it negatively effects our future.

Bitterness, unforgiveness and unhealed trauma can disrupt the good in our life. If we are not careful, we can focus on the few bad events and end up living the rest of our life in smoke season. Even though there are smoke creating events in our life from time to time, there are also some very good and amazing events in our life as well. What are we focusing on? What are we repetitively talking about? I have a friend who says, “Where the attention goes the power flows.” If we focus on the bad, painful and unfair events, we will carry the smell of smoke on us for the rest of our lives. If we focus on the good, the healing, and the hope of the future, we will be living in clean air and smoke season will end.

Jesus invites us into healing seasons. He is the one who restores our soul and gives us rest. He heals the broken hearted, sets captives free, brings new freedom to those who are bruised and gives us beauty for our ashes. We don’t have to live in the ashes or smoke. We can live in freedom and beauty. Refreshing rain is coming. Life and hope are coming. Don’t miss it. Allow forgiveness, healing and hope to wash over you and put an end to smoke season.

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