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CLEARWATER VALLEY -- With school up and running everywhere, I spent some time in the Mountain View schools this week. On Tuesday, I had fun at the girls volleyball games with Clearwater Valley versus Timberline at home. I admit that I hadn’t watched a high school volleyball game since the late 1970s when my sister, Monica played for the Rocky River Pirates. I have gotten to know some of the junior varsity and varsity players during the summer, so I had fun cheering for them. The teams were pretty evenly matched so exciting games but, in the end, Timberline won both junior varsity and varsity. The next day varsity girls prevailed at Prairie in a five-set matchup. According to Martha Smith, varsity player, the team “really came together against Prairie despite missing two starters. The JV didn’t win, but they fought!”

Later in the week, I had a beautiful drive up the South Fork to Elk City. I joined the Elk City school students and staff for a special lunch at the Elk Summit Café. I had fun meeting the students, a total of 10, up from a low of four last year. Woo hoo, double digits!

On Saturday, I headed back to the Big Cedar Schoolhouse for a yoga workshop, led by Stacy McCusker, Carly Decker and Christina Stalnaker. It’s such a pretty little building in a peaceful setting. The Big Cedar Homemakers work hard on fund-raising and maintenance projects to keep the National Register Historic Site in good condition. After another successful Taco Feed, the Homemakers will not rest, but will start on their next big fund-raiser, making Christmas swags. If you have ever wondered where the Christmas-time greenery come from, that adorns businesses and homes in Kooskia in December, the Homemakers make and sell these. The Christmas swag sales benefit the Tahoe QRU and the Ridge Runner Fire Department. Phase one of swag building begins in early October with wiring the pine cones.

It seems that people have rented the Big Cedar Schoolhouse more often this summer than in the recent past. Nice that people can gather up in the hills for different kinds of events. The “Let’s Talk Schools @ Big Cedar Schoolhouse” planned for next Saturday has been cancelled since the organizers want to respect and support the Gianopulos family that day.

On the homefront, in our Harpster neighborhood, we are blessed with wonderful growing condition, producing an abundance of fruits and vegetables. I love this time of year, picking and gathering and preserving for winter. Our border collie proved this week that he is not the “smartest dog known to man” that we once thought. At 5:30 Wednesday morning he flew off the porch, raced across the driveway and nailed a skunk (his second this year) first thing before we even drank our coffee.


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