Elk City News: Ball mill is all ready to be installed

ELK CITY — The community has lost the longest living resident in Elk City. Joe King died Friday. He was born in 1939, came here as a baby on a stagecoach via the old Elk City Wagon Road and was raised by his grandmother. He went to school here, having Gertrude Maxwell for his teacher for most of the grades. He worked in the logging industry, at the saw mill, and various other jobs in the woods over the years. Pray for comfort for the family.

The Elk City Dust Devils, Framing Our Community, and Friends of the Elk City School will be hosting an “Old Fashioned Sunday in the Park” on July 21. This is in conjunction with the Elk City Wagon Road Days. The Clearwater to Elk City Wagon Road Adventure Trip takes place on Sunday, July 21st. It will be hosted at Shearer Park (next to Elk Creek Station). There will be refreshment and oral history presentations from descendants of the original Elk City Pioneers. It will start at 4:30 pm. The event has, in the past, been hosted by the Elk City Area Alliance & the Idaho Gold Fields Historical Society.

St. Mary’s Hospital’s schedule for its doctor visits are as follows: July 25 – Dr. Secrest, Aug 22-Dr. Pikus, Sept 12, Dr. Brunson, and Sept 25 – Dr. Justin Jones. Call Call 208- 962-3267 for an appointment.

If your organization in Elk City is planning on events for Elk City Days, please email me at elkcitynews@yahoo.com.

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