Max Smith, “Did somebody say snow?”

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- Ladies, wash your hair, polish your nails, get out your best earrings....Men get a shave and haircut, and wash your favorite Levi’s; it’s time for the Lowell/Syringa EMT Christmas Dinner and Auction. As is tradition, it will be held at Ryan’s Wilderness Inn on Highway 12 in Lowell this Saturday night, Dec. 7. Bring your favorite potluck dish, the whole event will start at 4:30, it’s the social event of the year.

We have just enough snow on the ground to get in the spirit of the season, and it’s cold too!

This past holiday weekend went well, as long as each family get-together avoided politics, there was peace in Lowell and Syringa.

Martha Engledow

Gramma Martha Engledow, 101 years old: “I brought the “Brussel Sprouts!”

The Mike Smith family went in three directions: Mike, Sr., and his lovely wife, Marie, went to Lewiston to enjoy the company of Martha Engledow. Marty, Dani and Max Smith, had a traditional dinner at Dani’s dad, Craig Johnson’s new home in Kooskia, along with her grandmother, Linda Junes, sister Kayte, and niece, Dez. Mike Smith, Jr., and family had friends up in Lowell and celebrated and were thankful with a homemade dinner and all the trimmings.

Leftovers are being consumed by one and all.

At Three Rivers the Chris Engledow family gathered in the restaurant overlooking the Lochsa River for their second year in business and the beginning of the winter mode.

See you all at the EMT party on Saturday.

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