LOWELL / SYRINGA -- The week ahead is a normal week. Mother’s Day is over -- thanks moms! All the flowers have been delivered and our local upriver restaurants were nice and busy. I got a new wheelbarrow, Chinese dinner to go, and lots of love.

Our schools aren’t out for another week.

Three Rivers Resort opened their new shower-house in Lowell, big Lochsa Whitewater trips are in full swing, and also in Lowell Wilderness Inn had a big Mom’s Day special. ROW at Syringa had a 40-year celebration for all of their employees statewide last Sunday, and plenty of rafters as well as Mother’s Day dinner.

Miss Martha Smith, of Lowell, is going to state track this year. She is a pole vaulter from Lowell, Idaho, type A person for Clearwater Valley High School as a sophomore.

The pond at Fenn Ranger station hasn’t been stocked yet this year, and Coolwater Road has a bad washout. It will be closed until it’s fixed, and this includes logging by helicopter.

Thank you, Miss Ruth Smith, for the wooden shelf you made for me in wood shop, you are a woodworker deluxe.

May 15, this week, this reporter is one year on easy street; sold the resort and drove my truck out the driveway on May 15; 2018. Yesterday I unpacked my last box and finished organizing my shop. A turkey hopped up on my desk one minute after I finished (maybe it’s an omen?) Didn’t have my camera ready. So here’s my last line this week,” Birds of a feather, hang together.” Or is it flock?

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