Fish out of water

What color is your horse Max? Dani and Max Smith, who’d ride a horse, when they have fish to choose?

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- Scenic Highway 12, three wild rivers go right through the little communities of Lowell and Syringa. In Syringa it’s the Middle Fork of the Clearwater that runs by their front door, and in Lowell it’s the Lochsa joining the Selway for the birth of the Clearwater. The maritime law is, if two rivers of the same size join, same amount of water, the larger river they form is the birth of a new river. Hence, the Lochsa and Selway form the Middlefork of the Clearwater.

Because of the highway, and these rivers, we are a mecca for activities upriver. Nothing earth-shattering, just families and groups.

All the businesses are booming this time of year: ROW at River Dance Lodge had a big wedding last weekend, the Wilderness Inn served a record-breaking number of burgers and huckleberry shakes, and Three Rivers Resort had not one, but two family reunions, back-to-back with a wedding, as well. The weather was perfect for everybody.

I’ve noticed the wild berries and plums are turning red. Soon the apples will be, too.

Trout fishing at Fenn Pond is looking good, but only early morning.

Becky Allen-Brotnov stopped by my cabin last week and invited me for a night on the town, but I was old, and tired, and dirty, so I had to decline her lovely invitation. She’s a good neighbor and I’m glad to have her as a friend.

I’ve been working on my upper pond. It has a lot of catfish, but the cattails have taken over. I’ve almost got them under control.

Max went to Helena, Mont., last week. His dad had to take a test. He called and said he was on a carousel, I said great, what color horse did you pick Max? No answer, was it brown, or white, or black? No answer, long pause … ”It’s a fish!”

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