Apples picked by Marie Smith: Me and the bear shared them; he got the lion’s share, but that’s OK.

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- Half the population of Lowell and Syringa is set up somewhere out there in the mountains at hunting camp. Dressed in camouflage with packs of meat left over from last year, and probably a bottle or two of whiskey, they are geared up to shoot, gut, skin and hang in a tree some big bull or buck. Half man (or woman), half beast, they will conquer. Since time began, they will bring home the bacon! They’ll throw the heart and liver and maybe even the backstrap on the campfire with a side of beans and some fried onions.

The non-hunters will stay home and harvest what’s left of their gardens, and before winter sets in they will can or freeze their green beans, tomatoes, berries, carrots, apples and shell their walnuts. A slow cooker veggie stew will be on the table set with a tablecloth for a veggie dinner, including apple cobbler from gramma’s recipe.

Just like our politics up here along the river, to each his own, and as I always say, eat right, exercise, pay your bills, be kind to your neighbors.

Free Press / Marie Smith

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