Off he goes, over the river and through the woods!

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- We made it through Labor Day weekend; next is “Everything Pumpkin” season, and we are ready.

The national news is full of hurricanes, shootings, and political uproar, so the news from Lowell and Syringa, reported in this local paper, by this older reporter, living in the wilderness, may not seem as worldly or important, but living in Idaho and surviving in a small town is our life as we know it.

The primal act of splitting firewood, or checking to make sure your old generator still starts. The pantry, including bottled water, food supplies, and a first aid kit, are just as important as pulling out your snow moving equipment before the first snow falls.

Turning attention to your neighbors, who may need help, and checking them regularly.

Some firsts for me this week, in this great 100-year-old cabin I live in, pizza with crust made out of cauliflower (gluten free of course), retractable screen door, I’ve only bounded thru it twice, but it went back up no worse for wear, couple of really bad broken fingernails as a result, but I’ll be OK, and the dragonflies that have decided to propagate outside my back door? There are about 10 of them, same ones, every day for last four weeks, “what the heck?” They don’t bite, though.

Mr. Max has birthday number 6 next weekend. He loves school, quote, “be sure to listen, or you might make a mistake.” He loves his teacher, Mrs. Hagen. He loves his bus driver, Roseann Graham. He even loves the lady in the cafeteria who checks to make sure he eats everything on his tray, even the carrots! Life goes on.

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