Green eggs

Max is 6, and he can read. His dad asked him, “What would you like for breakfast?” Guess what he answered?

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- There’s frost on the pumpkins this morning. Lorraine Smith from Syringa will be busy making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and probably mincemeat, too. She is a quiet gardener, who is also an amazing cook, and her mate, Greg, too, and her son, Mark, too. I’m not sure about Sarah, their daughter, but I wouldn’t bet against it. For many years they were serving the public great meals and pie at the Middlefork Cafe in Syringa. I miss those good ol’ days.


Marie Smith, Katelyn Bressie, Craig Johnson, Dani Smith, and Marty Smith! Busy last weekend moving Craig into his new house, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Starting to see Christmas lights go up along the highway upriver, but I don’t think we will have to spray on fake snow; nature will take care of itself.

Starting this Thursday, I’m going to stop counting calories for a month. I’m going to eat gluten, and fat, and sugar, and meat, and chocolate, and whipped cream, too. If I die tomorrow, I will be happy and I will be thankful!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

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