Nezperce swim team

The Nezperce swim team started practicing on Monday, June 10.

School is out and the Nezperce pool is open. Seems summer has begun, even if officially it doesn’t start until June 21. Soon, it’ll be time for “floating,” which some experts say is an “Idaho thing.” “It consists of sitting on an inner tube and slowly being carried down a creek for hours without a care in the world with a beer in hand.”

In recent years, floating has been upgraded by trading the inner tubes for fancy “inflatable water float” loungers, complete with cup holders, handles, backrests and, occasionally, a cooler. Nezpersons generally hit a river - Clearwater, Lochsa, Salmon - rather than a creek and it isn’t always beer we’re imbibing.

However, it’s rarely Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Which brings me to an survey: Favorite beers in every state.

I’ve been trying to figure out how the Ask Men survey showed Mike’s Hard Lemonade as the favorite beer in Idaho. From the article:

“Last, but not least, we have Idaho with… Mike’s Hard Lemonade? A surprising pick for a beer survey, but it is a malt beverage nonetheless.Twenty-three percent of Idaho locals selected this icy, cool spiked lemonade as their favorite ‘beer.’”

Is it a joke? Did they take the survey at a Mike’s Hard Lemonade distributor? Adena Burnett suggested that “it’s clear that the wives completed the survey,” but honestly, I don’t think an “Ask Women” survey of Idaho ladies would yield such results.

So, I went to the source and asked Ask Men about the survey. Here’s the response:

“We used Google Surveys in order to get a sample size that was properly representative of the entire country. Here’s how they explain the process in their own words: Google Surveys makes use of the inferred demographic and location information to employ stratified sampling by distributing the surveys based on the targeted audience to its publisher network and/or smartphone (Android and iOS) users,” according to Barbara Pavone of

“The question was multiple choice and featured five brands, plus the possibility to write in your own answer. In the case of Idaho, while Mike’s Hard Lemonade was not one of said five brands, enough people submitted it as a write-in response that Google was able to extrapolate it as the No. 1 favorite in the state.”

My skepticism hasn’t subsided, but then I tend to be skeptical about these types of surveys. Five answers to a multiple-choice question with hundreds of possible answers?

According to another survey, Grand Teton Brewing Co.’s Double Vision Doppelbock is Idaho’s favorite beer. This also seems a stretch. However, the survey notes that Bud Light is the best seller in the state. That, I can believe.

If I were to guess, however, I’d probably say Keystone Light or Coors Light based on my extensive five-minute career as a bartender, which seems more scientific than the survey.


Nezperce will be hopping this weekend with participants competing in the 60th Annual Father’s Day Shoot at the Nezperce Gun Club. The invitational tournament runs Saturday and Sunday.


Maddie Stapleton is coaching Nezperce’s swim team, which started practicing Monday, June 10. Those interested in participating can sign up at the pool office. Visit the school website for more information.

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