Ashley Nelson demonstrated exactly why The Fabulous Kingpins are so fabulous when Drew Mosman engaged her during his impromptu performance Saturday night of Prairie Days 2019.

If you missed it, well, like most great performances, this one can’t be recreated. Luckily for us Prairie Day regulars, however, PD can.

The direction of the parade changed but otherwise PD rolled out much as it has for the past couple of decades with droves of former Nezpersons descending on our tiny town for two days of live music, a variety of games and food options. That’s right: Food options!

As usual, I missed the fun run, but I caught a few of the winners post-run. I haven’t seen official results, but the Perrine family and the McGuigan kids appeared to have dominated.

Cheryl Baldus and Bob Miller of the Class of ‘79 were, for me, the highlight of the parade, showing off their unicycling skills. I think research would show that Nezperce has an unusually high percentage of people who can ride a unicycle. Anyone seen the numbers on this obviously important skill set?

I thought I’d hallucinated the other two parade standouts - two nameless women donning coconut bras and grass skirts - but photographic evidence proved I was, in fact, lucid.

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Very nice pictures! Had a great time with my siblings. brother Patrick was unable to run the mile, due to hip injury, but his pr is 5:19 so it would have been an easy win for him lol

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