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WHITE BIRD -- With an early deadline because of Memorial Day, I am just repeating some upcoming events. I hope everyone had a great holiday although it looked to be a bit on the rainy side.

Remember, food pickup is on June 6 at noon, and the chamber meeting will be at noon at Hammer Down. Show up, as there will be a lot to discuss…thanks.

June 1 will be the “Just for the Hill of it” bike challenge. Race begins at 9 a.m., at Hammer Creek Campground. It will wind over to town and goes up the old White Bird Hill. Why is it a bike challenge? It’s a 13-mile course starting on gravel road, then transitions to pavement, and climbs up to the summit. You travel from 1,600 to 3,800 feet, and you will enjoy the breathtaking views along the way. For more details call Cindy at 208-983-8550. You can preregister until May 30.

June 9 is the free fishing day. Celebrate fishing and you do not have to have a license. All other rules and bag limits do apply. Many places will have special events on this day. Always check the seasons and rules for where you plan to fish.

We found out that Hammer Down Excursions has been awarded the Idaho Google Business award. Congratulations and a well-deserved award.

I will have more information on how the memorial and dedication went in next week’s paper. I do know that Donald E. Sickels, Jr., Les Killgore, Robert D. Corr, Orville C. Abbott, Willis Claar, Johnny Glover, Lucky Gallego, Bryan Lowe, Jerry Brown, Homer Brown, and Walter Lindsey were all to be given their Quilts of Valor.

I also received word that on May 18, a group of boaters from Hammer Down were eating at Red’s, when Tom Swartz, 95, came in to eat. One of the girls from the group walked up and asked Tom if they could pay for his meal, then thanked him for his service. Talk about paying it forward!

For anyone who knew Larry O’Neal, his memorial service will be on June 8, 1 p.m., at the Grangeville Cemetery, with a potluck to follow at the Grangeville Eagles Lodge on South C Street.

Starting next week, I will be posting information about White Bird Days and Rodeo, so stay tuned. We have some new things, along with your favorites. It’s time to Let ‘er Rip in our little town!

Birthday wishes go out to Shandra Chandler, Gloria Goin (4th), Dorene Kryns, Don Sickels, Sheryl Clark, Mark Carlin (5th), Pricilla Kohtz, Kelly Bashaw, John Krueger (6th), David Farmer, Amber Schultz (7th), Pam Ashcraft, Duane Ousley (8th).

In Memory of Roy Farmer, Sr., Ada Wilson, Zelda Eller Gordon (2nd), Wayne Eller (8th).

Anniversary wishes go out to Bruce & Pat Ringsmith (5th) and John & Annelle Urbahn (8th).

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