COTTONWOOD — When a group of Prairie school supporters heard about a certain project, they didn’t spend a lot of time talking about it. They got to work.

“The idea came from a school that did something similar and was on CNN and The Today Show and then posted on Facebook,” explained Megan Blakeslee Rambo.

A mom from Cottonwood posted it on the PEPA page (Prairie Elementary Parents Association), and “that planted the idea for our schools,” Rambo said.

What was the idea?

A smattering of inspirational quotes and sayings painted on bathroom stall doors and other places throughout Prairie Elementary School where students would take notice.

“We took the ball and ran with it,” Rambo said.

She contacted parent Serena Lockett who owns The Bent Hinge.

“I wanted to see if she could help provide direction and support,” due to her talents with lettering and sign making, Rambo explained. “She was all over it. This project would not have been possible without her. She is absolutely amazing.”

A group looked up quotes to use and Lockett designed the templates and lettering. Lockett, Rambo and Cara Uhlenkott painted these quotes throughout the school.

“Right now, they are only in the elementary school, but we plan to take them to Prairie Junior Senior High next,” Rambo said.

Quotes include such bits of wisdom as:

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

“If you think someone could use a friend, be one!”

“Strong people stand up for themselves; Stronger people stand up for others.”

Rambo said the parents’ motivation is “our kids.”

“We have such amazing kids already, but we can all use the reminder to be kind and be a friend. We hope that kids — and adults — will see these and then have a desire to help and uplift others,” she emphasized. “The world is such a better place when we are thinking of others instead of ourselves.”

Box Tops for Education money was used to fund the elementary project, while the Prairie Booster Club will fund the work at PJSHS.

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