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RIGGINS -- To begin this week’s news, I want to share a word picture of beauty and joy and happiness right here in Riggins…the picture is of the bright green lawns, the yellow daffodils, the brilliant yellow forsythia, the white apricot blossoms, the grape hyacinths, the purple and gold crocus, as well as the trees beginning to leaf out...and the big blue sky with the sun shining on white clouds...there is always a silver lining.

Quote of the week: “Every hand that we don’t shake must become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern.” anonymous…I have made a pact with myself to call at least five people each day just to visit and enjoy some time together apart.

Coronavirus info sent to me from different friends: “Social distancing has become a tool that we can all use to help keep the coronavirus at bay. The longer self-distancing is ignored, the longer we may have to deal with the virus. King Henry VIII quarantined himself during the Black Plague and was never sick.”

“Ideas about the corona situation: First and foremost, get outside and get some sun daily...while still self-distancing yourselves, do not stay locked up inside your house...that's the worst thing you can do for your immune system right now. Most areas in North America and Europe are getting warmer and sunnier… getting sun on your skin is the biggest thing you can do to boost your immune system right now. The sun improves your mood, serotonin, balances hormones, etc. Your skin does not need to be fully covered, since your skin needs to be exposed to get the majority of the benefit.” The specific corona virus information site for Idaho is Coronavirus.idaho.gov.

With the coronavirus pandemic, an ongoing mission has begun of Salmon River Canyon ladies making face masks for our local hospitals, EMTs, and caregivers, our frontline people who are in need of protection. If you would like to help with this project, go to https://freesewing.org/docs/patterns/fu/instructions/ for instructions. Contact Floy Hester or Diane Thach to see what to do with them once you have finished. McCall and Grangeville hospitals are desperate for face masks. Thank you ahead of time for your willingness to help.

Some closures in Riggins due to the coronavirus: our schools are closed; some businesses are closing, some churches are closing, but streaming messages online, many activities and events are being canceled or postponed.

Thanks to our community: “Our Salmon River Canyon Family has jumped in to help out as usual: White Water Market will deliver groceries free to your doorstep…just call them with your list; Seven Devils Saloon, who had originally offered lunches for any school kiddos and was also serving food curbside made a decision Sunday to close; River Rock Cafe will prepare meals that you can pick up or they will deliver…just call in your order; Idaho Banana Co also offers curbside service for beverages or gifts, …just call or stop by; Salmon Rapids Lodge and River View Motel have closed until further notice. Some ladies are making masks for nurses, doctors, EMTs, and caregivers; several private citizens have offered help to those in need. There may be others who are helping or who have closed that have not contacted me. Pastor Mike and Mark Christenson delivered a powerful message via live streaming Sunday. Thank you all for your compassion and willingness to help out during this coronavirus season. “

The Red Cross Spring Blood Drive is still planning to be held in Riggins this Tuesday, March 31, from 2-7 p.m., and Wednesday, April 1, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Salmon River Community Church Fellowship Room. Call Kris now at 208-830-3946 to make your appointment or get information. Be a hero…give blood for those in need. *This could be subject to change.

 The 36th Annual Jet Boat Race has been canceled by the Salmon River Jet Boat Race Association, LLC. due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 virus, which could put our community at risk. They are looking forward to the 37th Jet Boat Race in 2021. Kudos to everyone who has helped make this tough decision.

Census taking door-to-door is on hold for now; however, you can still do your census report by mail…you may have received your census form in the mail already. It is very important that you do the census. “The census asks questions that provide a snapshot of a nation. Census results affect your voice in government, how much funding your community receives, and how your community plans for the future. Census determines how many seats your state gets in Congress, guides how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to states and communities each year, and creates jobs, provides housing, prepares for emergencies, and builds schools, roads, and hospitals. Taking part in the census is really your civic duty.” *Census taking is subject to change due to the coronavirus, but you can report your census by mail/on-line.

 “Snip It’s Hair Salon” may open its doors this Monday, March 30, at 1116 South Main in The Confluence next door to The Idaho Banana Co. Stylist Heidi Wash has more than 30 years experience. Stop by and welcome Heidi to our Canyon and check out her new Hair Salon. *Subject to change.

There is a possibility of swim aerobics being offered later this spring if there are enough people interested. Due to the coronavirus, the date has been delayed, however, call Debbie Shaw at 208-628-3216 if you would like to participate; the number of people interested is another factor for the swim aerobics happening.

Salmon River High School may present “The Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force” program in the SRHS multi-purpose room this Monday, March 30, at 1 p.m., for students; 5:30 p.m. for the parent program. *This program is subject to change.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and performance of Alice@Wonderland, slated for Friday, April 3, and Saturday April 4, will be delayed until a later date due to the coronavirus. All profits benefit the Riggins EF Travel Group and SRHS Fine Arts Club. Contact any club member or e-mail Ms. Hale at halea@jsd243.org for information.

Leighton Vander Esch News: Leighton is laying low during this virus season. No new news this week. At this date, Leighton’s Boise Football Camp is scheduled for June 20. Camp is open to boys and girls of all skill levels ages 6-16. Sign-up options available including a professional photograph with Leighton who will be at camp to lead certain stations and talk to campers along with a selection of coaches from the Boise area. He plans another football camp in Texas in June.

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