COTTONWOOD — “We reduced this year’s levy by $50,000 — I don’t think that happens very often,” Cottonwood Joint School District 242 (CJSD 242) Superintendent Rene Forsmann said.

The district will ask patrons for a one-year $275,000 supplemental levy on May 18.

“The board opted to reduce the levy amount from the traditional $325,000 amount because we received some COVID-19 stimulus funds that we have been able to utilize for various expenses,” Forsmann explained. “We know our community patrons and businesses have had a tough year, and we wanted to thank them for their generous continued support of our Cottonwood schools.”

Forsmann said this is a one-year reduction.

“We may not be able to do this again, but we are happy to be able to do it this year,” she added.

Forsmann also said the district has been quoted a 2.8 percent health insurance increase for 2021-22, which is “the lowest increase in years,” she said.

The annual cost of the levy to the taxpayer is estimated to be $150.64 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value.

She said, throughout the years, due to the community’s continued support, CJSD 242 has been able to use the Secure Rural Schools funds (also known as SRS or Forest funds) for the intended purpose of building and grounds maintenance, renovations and remodels, as needed. The amount of money expected to come to the district through SRS for the coming year is approximately $320,000.

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