Clearwater Valley and Kamiah have decided to team up on cross-country and wrestling.

KOOSKIA — “This will allow us to split the costs [between Kamiah and Clearwater Valley] more evenly,” explained Clearwater Valley High School Principal Adam Uptmor at the Nov. 19 Mountain View School District board meeting.

Uptmor spoke on behalf of a memorandum of understanding between the two schools presented to the board. This is for cross-country and wrestling, so the schools can cooperate to have enough participants to be competitive in those sports.

“We’re still waiting to hear the numbers and ideas for tennis and softball,” Uptmor said.

Board chair Lot Smith encouraged the collaboration.

“I think it’s great to do this cross-over as much as possible and maybe get up to the 2A level so these teams – including Grangeville – don’t have to travel too far away to play,” he said.

In other news, a policy (No. 545) on transportation to school-sponsored activities was discussed.

Business manager Becky Hogg said for smaller groups of students, Suburbans are sometimes rented instead of using the “big yellow school buses.”

Hogg spoke to coaches or parents in the past using their own personal vehicles.

“This is not acceptable, and it’s a risk we need to manage,” she said.

Trustee Rebecca Warden said she trusts the district is combining trips with other schools for certain activities as much as possible.

Superintendent Marc Scheibe assured her this does take place.

A discussion regarding leadership premiums took place concerning the $850 per certified teacher provided by the state as an incentive to fulfill leadership positions. Hogg stated the legislature deemed the leadership positions are worth $900 per person which left $50 per position for the district to kick in.

During the initial portion of this discussion, CVHS teacher Vinnie Martinez asked questions but was not recognized. He was reminded the meeting is a business meeting held in the public, not a public meeting.

“Vinnie – leave now!” Lot Smith commanded after several interruptions.

“In respect of this community, I will leave,” Martinez said, leaving the library.

The discussion continued with the news of last year when 85 premiums were paid to 67 people (meaning some people with two leadership positions received two premiums).

Trustees Mike Dominguez and Casey Smith requested that after the leadership team meets, a list be brought to the board of the positions and who is filling them, so the matter can be discussed at a future meeting.

MVSD librarian Lynn Johnson gave an update on the Elk City Library.

“Idaho code states a school must have a library, but not a public library,” she said.

She explained in years prior, White Bird School had a classroom library, which was sufficient to meet the state’s standards.

Johnson also explained concerns about a volunteer running the school library and that person or persons’ access to ValNet.

“This is the first year we have not had a paid employee,” she said. “We are making it work, but it’s a risk. No library should operate on a volunteer basis.”

Warden reminded the gallery of about 35 people that the audience is allowed to watch and listen to the meeting but not participate, due to Idaho’s opening meeting law and the requirements of the Idaho School Board Association.

Trustee Brad Lutz added that he learned in recent board training there are “no real private conversations with patrons. We have to disclose those with the entire board if they occur.”

Lot Smith reminded the audience, “Don’t think we don’t care.”

The public does have time to give brief input (three minutes) if they sign up ahead of time.


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