MVSD 2019-20 negotiations meeting

Central Idaho Education Association team member Joe Tosten talks at the negotiations table to (L-R) CIEA member Kevin Frances and Mountain View School District 244 Board Chair Lot Smith and trustee Rebecca Warden at the June 12 meeting.

GRANGEVILLE – The first Mountain View School District 244 (MVSD) and Central Idaho Education Association (CIEA) negotiations meeting for the 2019-20 school year ended nearly before it started.

Teams for both MVSD and CIEA gathered Wednesday, June 12, at the district office. The meeting lasted not quite 11 minutes.

On behalf of MVSD, chair Lot Smith and trustee Rebecca Warden brought a proposal and expected CIEA to do the same.

“First, we would like to go over the procedural agreement ….” Started CIEA president Char McKinney following a statement she read from the CIEA that advocated for “balanced solutions for the longterm health and vitality of our schools.”

“We asked you to present a proposal today. Do you have one?” trustee Warden asked. She said she did not understand how the CIEA expected to have successful negotiations if they did not start out with a proposal.

“Is this not a work session?” McKinney questioned.

“No, it’s a session to exchange proposals,” Warden answered.

“I’m confused, because it’s been so different each time,” in previous negotiation meetings, CIEA member Joe Tosten said.

“I have spoken to most districts around us and this is how they do it,” by exchanging proposals, Warden explained. “Right now, we are not willing to focus on one area at a time. We want to see in writing what you are asking for.”

“Last year your attorney said we needed to start with the procedural agreement,” McKinney said.

“No. You came unprepared,” Warden stated.

“We were hoping to exchange proposals today,” to know what to expect, added Smith.

McKinney and Tosten asked if they could go through the MVSD proposal at the table.

Warden handed the proposals to them and said they could look them over and find another meeting time, but that nothing else would happen that day. She then left the meeting.

“This isn’t negotiations. Why can’t we just talk?” McKinney asked Smith.

“Well, my one partner just left …. I apologize for this,” Smith told the CIEA team prior to leaving.

Following the meeting, Superintendent Marc Schiebe acknowledged he was “not part of negotiations,” but offered the thought to the CIEA team that “it makes sense to me to exchange proposals. They want to see the whole thing. Just give it to them.”

The next negotiations meeting has not yet been set. The video of the meeting is available on Facebook on the CIEA page.

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