Some of the Grangeville Elementary Middle School’s Lego robotics club students (L-R) Kieran Gallagher, Michael Green, Tabitha Stoner and MaKenna Denuit, demonstrate their robotics challenges.

GRANGEVILLE – “We will use this knowledge, in part, to help us address problems within our community,” explained seventh grader MaKenna Denuit.

Denuit, along with students Michael Green and Tabitha Stoner, eighth grade, and Kieran Gallagher, seventh grade, demonstrated their Lego robotics skills to the Mountain View School District board and audience at the Oct. 22 meeting at Grangeville Elementary Middle School.

Led by teacher Teresa Gorges, the after-school program encompasses kids in grade fourth through eighth.

“We have about 25 students and three groups,” Gorges said, adding, ”I’m a kindergarten teacher, but the robotics is really a passion of mine.” She previously coached at Kamiah before she came to Grangeville.

The students explained the program is meant to help them design, build, program and test robots that can complete complex tasks, record live data, respond to environmental changes and more.

“If it doesn’t work – I apologize in advance,” Green said, testing his programmed robot to follow a path, drop off a brick in a certain spot, and return to base. The students just started their club and lessons recently and will go to competition in December.

Although Green’s robot did drop its brick, it did not return to base.

“That’s something we will have to work on,” he shrugged.

“Yes, we have time to work the bugs out,” Gorges laughed.

Denuit continued with what issues the club may later attack.

“This can include challenges in our community such as accessibility, housing and pollution,” she said.

Robotics addresses science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) elements.

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