Grangeville students pass MOS certification

Contributed photos Grangeville High School students recently became MOS certified.

GRANGEVILLE — Grangeville High School students have started off their school year on the path to technology proficiency.

More than 40 students recently took and passed the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

“Students learn Microsoft Office programs, including Word 2016, Excel 2016, Access 2016, and PowerPoint 2016 in my business computers class - generally taken as a freshman or sophomore,” explained GHS business and technology teacher Bruce Wassmuth. “They then focus on specializing in one of the four programs. Once they become proficient in the program, they take a nationally recognized test to prove their knowledge of the software. If they pass, they are awarded with a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. After they certify in one area, they focus on another area. Currently, students are certifying in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.”

He said his classes recently completed the first round of MOS certification in Word 2016. Currently, most of these students are freshmen. Out of 45 students, 41 have tested, and 34 have successfully passed and received the MOS certification in Word 2016. This is an 83 percent pass rate.

This year, a new pilot program has been implemented whereas the GHS business/technology program is working to articulate MOS certifications with dual credit at North Idaho College (NIC), Wassmuth said.

“Currently, we have a junior student who will have earned a 12-credit certificate from NIC by the end of the year — nine of these credits are from passing certifications in the business classes at GHS,” Wassmuth said. Cost of these credits can be paid for with the State Allocated “Fast Forward” funds.

Successfully certified this year include the following students per hour:

•Third hour (top photo): Emma Roach, Anita Collins, Emilia Rioux, Samantha Lacombe, Camden Barger, Laura Fischer, Aidan Acton, River Phillips, Nicholas Schiess, Jared Lindsley.

•Sixth hour (middle photo): Taryn Godfrey, Aliyah Mundell, Cita Olmos, Bryan Gomez, Isaac Hill, Miles Lefebvre, Cameran Green, Christa Bledsoe, Cody Calhoun, Abigail Nopens, Talia Brown, Alexander Gibson.

•Seventh hour (bottom photo): Mckell McDougal, Amber Olson, Aliyah Pineda, Gianna Skovajsa, Izabella Dame, Bailey Vanderwall, Justin Brannan, Ava Forsyth, Jordan Click, Kaelyn Blackwell.

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