Kamiah’s Andrew Roeschberger shares a photo opportunity with his mom, Janette Mendenhall, following KHS graduation Saturday, May 25.

Students net more than $365,000 in scholarships

Kamiah High School Scholarships

Leona Campos – LCSC Presidential, Inga Solberg Mansker, and KHS Faculty Scholarships;

Sandy Carter – UI Academic Achievement and LCSC Dean Scholarships;

Kara Dow – UI Academic Achievement, Go Idaho, Inga Solberg Mansker, and KHS Faculty Scholarships;

Laura Dow – ISU Presidential, BSU Presidential, MSU Achievement, Step Ahead, Samuel H. Bennich Honors, Freshman Leadership, Housing Room and Board, HOSA State, Voice of Democracy, and KHS Faculty Scholarships;

Marlee Engledow – WSU Distinguished Academic Achievement and Diversity Scholarships, WUE, HOSA State, Tammy Regains Memorial, Grandpa Bill Smith Memorial, St. Mary’s Hospital Employee’s Fund, KHS Faculty, and Spencer Flerchinger Memorial Scholarships;

Brenden Kiele – UI Academic Achievement and Kooskia Rebekahs Scholarships;

Michael MacMenamin – UI Academic Achievement Scholarship;

Alexander McNall – LCSC Provost Scholarship;

Ashley Meisner – UI Academic Achievement and LCSC Provost Scholarships;

Thomas Moss-Mozley – LCSC Dean and Spencer Flerchinger Memorial Scholarships;

Silvestre Pineda – UI Academic Achievement and LCSC Provost Scholarships;

Bret Raymond – UI Academic Achievement, Idaho Platinum, Opportunity, Kamiah Kiwanis Dave Kries, DAR Good Citizen, Grandpa Bill Smith Memorial, Tammy Ragains Memorial, Pay It Forward, KHS Faculty and Inga Solberg Mansker Scholarships;

Hailey Robinson – UI Academic Achievement, BSU True Blue Promise, Opportunity, and Molly Lazechenko Scholarships;

Octavio Serecero – UI Burt Berlin Humanities, LCSC Presidential, LCSC Counselor Leadership, and Wilburn-Strombeck Arts Memorial Scholarship. VFW Student of the Year;

Chad Simmons – Wisconsin Lutheran College Foundation, Regent’s Grant, Out of State Grant, and Visit Scholarships;

Zoe Stiffler-Wilcox – LCSC Presidential, Kamiah Kiwanis Dave Kries, Trenary Funeral Home, and KHS Faculty Scholarships;

Peyton Whipple – UI Academic Achievement and Dave Kludt Natural Resource Scholarships;

Kati Wilkins – WUE, UI College of Education Foundation, LCSC Presidential, LCSC Foundation Scholars, Lewis County 4-H, Grandpa Bill Memorial Scholarship, Nez Perce-Clearwater Memorial Scholarship, Carol Ormond Memorial, Inga Solberg, Mansker, Julie Fulton Memorial, and Spencer Flerchinger Memorial Scholarships.

In order to keep this list as brief as possible, the following acronyms were used:

  • BSU – Boise State University
  • DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution
  • HOSA – Future Health Professionals (formerly Health Occupations Students of America)
  • KHS – Kamiah High School
  • LCSC – Lewis-Clark State College
  • MSU – Montana State University
  • UI – University of Idaho
  • VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • WSU – Washington State University
  • WUE – Western Undergraduate Exchange

Flerchinger received the VFW Teacher of the Year for providing outstanding leadership to the Kamiah School District.

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