Halle Klapprich

Prairie High School junior Halle Klapprich is seen here when she was crowned Idaho County Fair Queen 2020 at the August 2019 fair.

COTTONWOOD – Prairie High School junior Halle Klapprich is getting an early start on her senior project.

Klapprich is organizing a tutoring club.

“I decided to do this for my senior project because I love to help people and I thought that this would be a great way to help students be more confident about getting help and also helping others,” she said. “This will also help students increase their skills in studying.”

Klapprich recruited high school student tutors who will be tutoring students alongside her. Each tutor has different classes, specific to their strengths, and has been given study techniques to help other students who need assistance.

“Each class they tutor in, they are required to have previously received an A,” Klapprich explained. “These tutors, as well as I, will be meeting in the school cafeteria before and after school for some study/tutor groups.”

Tutoring is available for students in 7th through 12th grades. Klapprich said she will also help students from St. John Bosco Academy or home-schooled students, if she is able.

She said students will be required to bring their supplies for the specific class(es) they are getting tutored for and the tutors will have a copy of any homework or practice sheets that they will need to help students.

“I have practiced different ways of studying throughout the years, and I have found many consistent ways to help,” she explained. “I have worked with people previously through leading study groups after school, to organizing school and 4-H events.”

Each tutor has been given ways to help a child learn in the best way possible, she said, from visual learning images to memorizing vocabulary with flashcards.

“By doing this tutoring club, I, along with the other tutors and students, will learn more about organizational skills, communication, and time management,” Klapprich said. “By helping with homework and studying, students will also learn to be more responsible and trustworthy. I think I can raise confidence in others to ask for help and also provide assistance!”

A sign-up sheet is available at the office bulletin board next to Mrs. Quintal’s office. Students can sign up or e-mail Klapprich with questions: E-mail: klap234@sd242.org. Those interested in being tutors can also contact Klapprich.

The project is currently under way and will continue throughout the entire school year.

Klapprich is the daughter of Heath and Tara Klapprich of Cottonwood. She is active in school sports, involved in 4-H, and was crowned the Idaho County Fair Queen 2020.

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