GRANGEVILLE — A leap of musical faith brought Jonah Litman to Grangeville.

Born and raised in Marietta, Ohio, Litman graduated from high school there and then attended Marietta College.

“I interviewed via the phone for the music job at Grangeville High School and, when I was offered the job, I accepted without ever having seen Idaho,” Litman smiled. This is his first teaching assignment.

He moved to Grangeville mid-August and began teaching at both GHS and Grangeville Elementary Middle School that same month.

“I decided to spread my wings a little and move from Ohio,” Litman said. He stated music educator jobs were “very competitive” in his home state.

While growing up, Litman was active in high school band, and in college performed in two bands as well as a community choir.

“I knew from sixth grade that I wanted to have a career in music,” Litman said. “I had some wonderful teachers and mentors throughout the years.”

His father is active in local theater and his younger sister is studying studio art in college. Though both his parents work full time and his sister has a busy college life, he said they make an effort to keep in touch throughout the week.

“It’s a little strange being so far away from home,” he laughed, “But I will fly home for Christmas.”

Litman plays the euphonium – the first instrument he started with in grade school – and has also taught himself various other instruments such as the trombone, trumpet and tuba. He was also active in percussion in schooling.

This semester he is teaching GHS band, concert choir, Varsity Blue audition choir and The History of Rock and Roll as well as sixth grade band and a combined seventh-eighth grade band at Grangeville Elementary Middle School. He also instructs pep band for sporting events.

Next semester, he will spread his wings even further as he teaches guitar class.

“No, I don’t play the guitar yet,” he grinned. “My plan is to keep one step ahead of the students.”

Litman said he likes the atmosphere of rural Idaho and is enjoying his teaching experience so far.

“I love the vibe here,” he commented.

When he isn’t teaching, he enjoys playing his instrument, exploring, watching movies and playing an occasional video game.

To contact Litman: The GEMS Christmas concert is set for Dec. 10 and the GHS Christmas concert will be Dec. 17, each at 7 p.m. The community is encouraged to attend.

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