GRANGEVILLE – A project started last year has paid off for Carla Astle. Not financially, but in ways that are deemed more priceless.

Last year, the Grangeville Elementary Middle School music teacher asked her students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade to write down their thoughts on the meaning of the holiday season.

“I was so surprised they did not focus on getting, but they instead talked about being with family and friends, giving, and traditions throughout the Grangeville area,” Astle told the audience at the Dec. 12 GEMS Christmas concert.

Astle took all their information and did something she had never done before; she arranged the lyrics to a song and then wrote the music to it, as well.

The end result is “This Season,” which was debuted at the Grangeville Winter Magic Tree Lighting. Since then, all grades have sung the song at their December school concerts.

“I just love what one student said about Christmastime in Grangeville – ‘it’s when all our happiness shows,’” smiled Astle.

Words to the song – which Astle has copyrighted, along with the music, – as follows:

This Season

(Stars Chorus)

A time for love, your family’s near

It’s Hanukkah, it’s Christmas

No matter how you celebrate

There’s peace and good cheer

(Bells Chorus)

Peace and love and family near

Joy and giving hope and cheer

Verse 1: Wrapping present, making cookies, singing in the park.

Piles of snow upon the ground, cheery lights twinkling in the dark.

Santa on the firetruck is such a sight to see!

The birth of baby Jesus is what Christmastime means to me.

Verse 2: Sledding, tubing, building forts and skiing on the hill,

Spending time with family, giving gifts that will be a thrill.

Gingerbread with lots of candy heaped upon the top.

The shopping and the parties, and the eating never stops!

Verse 3: Cozy fires, playing games with friends and cousins, too.

Helping others, giving gifts, so much that we all can do!

People singing “Silent Night” and Rudolph’s red, red nose,

It’s Christmastime in Grangeville, it’s when all our happiness shows.

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