GRANGEVILLE — Mountain View School District 244 patron Mary Mangold used public input session at the July 21 meeting to address the board regarding critical race theory.

“In Idaho, the legislature did pass, and Gov. Little signed into law, H377, to prevent teachers from indoctrinating students into belief systems that claim that members of any race, sex or religion are inferior or superior to other groups, specifically critical race theory,” she began.

“Knowing that people are not always told the truth, sometimes they just put lipstick on a pig and call it a brand new pig. In fact, Coeur d’Alene schools have put together an equity tool kit to slip critical race theory into curriculum, defying state lawmakers,” she said.

“Certainly, in the last 50 years or so, we have been living our lives, many of us enjoying the merits of hard work and dedication toward careers without the fear of these types of rules creeping in,” she added. “Yes, we have been naïve, and complacency in terms of the Marxist and communist indoctrination that has been eroding education within our public school system shall be blamed on no one but ourselves; and having witnessed a sinister plot to rig and steal the presidential election, roll out a ‘plandemic’ to induce fear … not to mention the jab [COVID-19 vaccine], a dangerous plan for depopulation across the world.”

“Now, [we’re] very much aware of the fight to restore American values and God-given rights by our founding fathers, in those values we should be lifting all students and talking about excellence and a common standard that challenges people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential,” Mangold said. “Similarly, in addition to pointing out the dishonesty in the struggle narrative on which critical race theory is predicated, we must promote the true story of America, the story that is honest about injustices,” but that highlights the nation’s progress that has been made in realizing this.

“Above all, we must have the courage to stand up and speak truth and in that sentiment of truth we must diligently pursue an answer to this question: Does critical race theory exist in any form in the curriculum being taught in our coming school year 2021-22 throughout Mountain View School District?” Mangold questioned.

Mangold was allowed three minutes, per school board policy for public input. Although trustees do not answer questions at this time, following the meeting, chair Rebecca Warden let Mangold know she was more than welcome to review MVSD curriculum.

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