The filing deadline is less than two weeks away, March 22, for candidates to file for open positions on area highway, water and sewer, recreation and hospital districts.

Petitions of candidacy are available through the Idaho County Elections Office. Prospective candidates must gather five signatures of electors specific to the district in question and submit these to the respective district clerk by the deadline. The district clerk will verify the candidate’s residency to run in the race filed for, after which it will be sent to the county elections office to verify candidates and petition signers are registered voters.

If positions are uncontested, an election does not have to be held.

Districts and current office holder are as follows. All positions are a four-year term, except for the Syringa Hospital District, which is a six-year term.

Highway Districts

Cottonwood: Douglas Johnson

Deer Creek: Boyd C. Hopkins

Doumecq: Richard Eller (Dist. 2), Mike VonBargen (Dist. 3)

Fenn: Pat Meyer (Dist. 3)

Ferdinand: Dennis Seubert (Dist. 3)

Grangeville: Gerald Frei (Dist. 3)

Greencreek: Ed Stubbers (Dist. 3)

Keuterville: Scott Jungert (Dist. 3)

Kidder Harris: Douglas R. Boller (Dist. 3)

Union Independent: Ivan Jones (Dist. 1), Mark Vanderwall (Dist. 3)

White Bird: Joaquin Lowe (Dist. 2), Dean E. Klement (Dist. 3)

Winona: Bryan Higgins (Dist. 3)


Pine Ridge: Ed Ditunno, Cameron Hagen

Rapid River: Charles Smith

Valley View: Sally Foster

Clearwater: Tim Straw, John Wilson


White Bird Rec.: Gloria Teats (Dist. 3)


Syringa Hospital: Al Bolden, Steven J. Didier, James May


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