MVSD board agrees to hire ISBA to assist in superintendent search

During the Dec. 16 meeting, Mountain View School District 244 board trustees discuss the impending superintendent search. (L-R) Brad Lutz, Casey Smith, Lot Smith (chair), Rebecca Warden and Mike Dominguez.

GRANGEVILLE – The Mountain View School District 244 board of trustees voted unanimously Dec. 16 to hire the ISBA (Idaho School Board Association) to assist in their superintendent search.

Trustee Rebecca Warden brought information on the services and costs to the regular monthly meeting, held at Grangeville High School. After discussion, the board voted to go with the $3,500 option as opposed to the $8,500 option.

“I think it’s important to utilize them,” Warden said. “as I don’t see our staff having a lot of time to make calls, check references and all.”

Trustee Brad Lutz stated he was torn between what the services offered.

“It’s obviously nice to have the help, but I don’t know anyone who would look at and scrutinize candidates the way we would do it ourselves,” he said. “I do feel it’s worth the money if we find the right candidates.”

“There are a couple of locals who have expressed interest – why don’t we interview them first, before spending the money on consultants?” asked trustee Casey Smith.

“I think we need to open up the search far and wide,” trustee Mike Dominguez said, with Warden agreeing that transparency in the search was the best bet.

Chair Lot Smith said that in working with the ISBA in the past, they’ve “done a good job.”

“They found several candidates, spent time on the phone with me and kept me updated,” he said.

Warden said several schools are already searching for superintendents, so she feels it is important to start the process as soon as possible.

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