ELK CITY — “I want to create a budget team as we head into the 2022-23 school year,” Mountain View School District 244 Superintendent Todd Fiske told the board at the Sept. 20 meeting. “We have to have a levy amount set by the January meeting.”

Fiske said he wanted two board members on this committee — Casey Smith and Melisa Kaschmitter — with the goal of going through financial information together and agreeing on what is in front of them, prior to presenting it to the entire board as a whole.

“People are asking, ‘What are you going to cut if the levy doesn’t pass?’ Hopefully we don’t fail three in a row,” Fiske said. “It’s very difficult to answer as the levy touches the entire budget; it’s infused through everything.”

After some discussion, Smith and Kaschmitter agree to be on the committee.

Fiske said MVSD is not unlike nearly 90 percent of all public school districts in Idaho that must run a levy to run their schools.

“I know a levy amount will be a mix of what we need to be viable and what our communities can shoulder,” Fiske added.

Additional administrator reports included the following:

∙ Clearwater Valley Junior-Senior High School Principal Heather Becker reported the last school year ended with 230 students; currently there are 246 students in grades six through 12.

“We have nine new staff members or changes in placement, and it’s been a lot of training of routines and how our school runs,” Becker said. “Veteran teachers have been very helpful in assisting with this and helping new staff.”

She added the substitute shortage has made it challenging for teachers to schedule subs for time off or other duties (such as coaching).

She also reported the fall sport turnout numbers: football – 25 players; high school volleyball – 17 players; junior high football – 10 players; junior high girls basketball – 13 players.

∙ Grangeville High School Principal Randall Miskin reported 253 students in grades nine-12. He said daily attendance is currently at about 85 percent.

“Currently, we are still looking for a school counselor and ag teacher,” Miskin said. “We have a long-term sub for ag classes right now and currently have several applicants who are not certified, but could possibly be hired under an alternate certification.”

He added there are not any qualified candidates for the school counselor position.

“The staff here at GHS is extremely committed. I am fortunate to be able to work with such a professional staff,” he said.

Fall sports numbers are: football – 38 boys; soccer – 16 boys and 21 girls; and volleyball – 35 girls.

∙ Grangeville Elementary Middle School Principal Adam Uptmor reported the start of school went smoothly.

“Our enrollment is at 533 students, and we continue to receive calls from parents telling us they are moving to the Grangeville area and will be enrolling their children later in the year,” he said.

He reported 13 girls playing junior high basketball and 28 players for junior high basketball.

The GEMS jogathon is set for Oct. 8. MOSS (McCall Outdoor Science School) was originally set for Oct. 18-22 (funded by a $35,000 grant written by last year’s fifth graders and Mr. Uptmor); however, due to Idaho being in “Crisis Standards of Care” due to COVID-19, this event has been suspended.

∙ Director of curriculum and supervision Cody Weddle reported the special education department is off to a busy start of the school year.

“Some of the students are coming in from out of state and their families are seeking in-person instruction,” he stated. “Some students have not been in an in-person learning environment for more than a year. The paperwork is coming in incomplete or outdated. This has many of our case managers scrambling for resources and time.”

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