Teachers Cary Draper and Char McKinney have been negotiating with Mountain View School District 244 board trustee Rebecca Warden and chair Lot Smith.

GRANGEVILLE – Following a tense two-plus hour negotiations meeting Thursday, May 2, Mountain View School District board members and Central Idaho Education Association team members came to a tentative agreement for 2018-19 teacher contracts.

Negotiations have been ongoing since last year and have included an attorney and a mediator. Thursday’s meeting saw MVSD board chair Lot Smith and trustee Rebecca Warden sit at a table with CIEA president Char McKinney and Grangeville teacher Cary Draper.

“Our offer stands,” Smith told the CIEA team.

“You don’t want to fix the schedule or consider our offer which is $110,000 less than what you are offering?” McKinney asked.

“Our salary schedule is mirroring the state,” Smith said.

“It is not a salary schedule, it’s an allocation model,” McKinney corrected.

McKinney and Draper explained their desire to place people on the model according to education and years of experience. Their paperwork shows some newer hires being paid more than people who have more experience and the same amount of education.

“What we are proposing will fix the salary model and we won’t have to worry about this again, as classified employees will be placed in the proper area on the model now and then when there are new hires,” McKinney explained.

“We don’t think there is anything to fix,” Warden stated.

“Our offer allows every single teacher to make more than they made the previous year,” Smith said.

Smith said he felt the groups were at an impasse and they would have to again contact a mediator; McKinney disagreed and suggested binding arbitration as an option; Smith declined, saying their attorney advised against that.

After several gallery comments from one teacher who was eventually asked to leave the room due to the disruptions, back-and-forth discussion and caucusing, CIEA agreed to take a tentative agreement to their membership. This is contingent upon a variety of salary numbers and offers being corrected to reflect the tentative agreement which reads:

*Each employee will receive the higher of the district’s proposals No. 1 or No. 2 with the longevity clause;

*$972 from 2017-18 contract becomes permanent for this year;

*Every employee makes more this year; and

*Language is held from the 2017-18 schedule except page 25 re: meeting dates.

MVSD 244 business manager agreed to have a corrected proposal to CIEA on Friday, May 10, at which time members will decide if they want to ratify the 2018-19 contracts. Following this, the board would decide on ratification, as well.

Only 14 days of this school year remain, and then negotiations will continue for the 2019-20 school year. Tentative plans are to have negotiators meet again as soon as possible, possibly just before or just after the next board meeting.

A video of the meeting is available on the CIEA Facebook page.

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