Nezperce High School Class of 2019

The Nezperce High School Class of 2019 (from top left to right): Cade Webster, Hannah Stapleton, Jim Barnett, Sydney Boyer, Landon Wahl, Isabelle Woltering, KJ Carpenter and JD McFrederick.

Jimmy Barnett: University of Idaho, U of I, Gold Level Scholarship-$3,000/year, Idaho School Board Association-$350;

Sydney Boyer: Idaho HOSA-$100, District II Referees Association-$600, Battle at the Border-$100, Weber State University, Mt. Ogden WSU-$9,000/year, On-Campus WSU-$1,000/year, Lions Club-$1,000, Nezperce Community-$500, PTSA-$250;

KJ Carpenter: Lewis Clark State College, Provost Scholarship-$1,500/year, High School Leadership Scholarship-$500;

Hannah Stapleton: Battle at the Border-$100, Lewis Clark State College, LCSC Presidential Award-$2,500/year, Counselor Leadership Scholarship-$500, High School Leadership Scholarship-$500, Max & Peggy Bradley Scholarship-$500, St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics Employees Fund-$500, Masonic Mount Idaho Lodge-$400, PTSA-$250, Lions Club-$1,000, Service League-$1,000, Nezperce Ambulance-$500, Idaho School Board Association-$350;

Landon Wahl: Columbia REA Jeff Meredith Memorial Scholarship-$2,500, Nezperce American Legion-$700, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church-$500, CHS Primeland-$750, Idaho School Board Association-$350;

Cade Webster: University of Idaho, U of I, Silver Level Scholarship-$2,000/year, Nezperce Education Association-$500.

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