Salmon River High School National Honor Society students photo

Salmon River High School National Honor Society students recently had lunch with preschool and kindergarten students from Riggins Elementary School.

RIGGINS — Academic resources, teaching and student engagement at Salmon River High School are all heading in the right direction. SRHS recently received its official written performance review from the accreditation evaluation performed in February, and results are favorable.

The review uses four rating colors with red as insufficient, yellow as initiating, green for improving and blue for impacting. Blue is the highest rating. In all categories under leadership capacity, learning capacity and resource capacity, Salmon River received zero reds, one yellow, 22 greens and seven blues.

“The review also provided an Index of Education Quality (IEQ), ‘as a holistic measure of overall performance based on a comprehensive set of standards and review criteria,’” reported SRHS principal Kyle Ewing. The IEQ is based on a rating scale from 100-400, with the five-year average for schools reviewed by Cognia (the school accreditation company) being 278.34-283.33. Salmon River was given an IEQ rating of 313.5.

“Salmon River High School has a culture of mutual respect, grit, and perseverance. Interviews with staff, students, and parents indicate a strong connection exists between students and staff. These relationships are ingrained into the school’s culture,” the report read. In interviews, all stakeholders referred to the school as a family. The school is small (35 students). During interviews, one staff member stated, ‘No one slips through the cracks.’”

In addition, the report stated, “The school does an excellent job of developing attitudes for success. The school is formalizing its advisory program and including a career planning segment where all students create a digital portfolio that follows them until graduation. The school has a robust Career Technical Education program that adjusts to student needs. Students entering ninth grade meet with the counselor to prepare their four-year plan. Seniors participate in a semester-long class on career exploration. Seniors attend face-to-face and virtual college and career fairs.”

The one yellow mark was under leadership capacity standards for “leaders engage stakeholders to support the achievement of the institutions purpose and direction.”

“The school lacks a coordinated school-wide system with agreed-upon data checkpoints. Interviews with staff members and leadership suggest that discussions about using data to drive school improvement (such as strategies, goals, and objectives) occur informally rather than in a collaborative setting,” the report emphasized.

The Cognia evaluation team included Jerry Nelsen, a retired secondary school administrator with 34 years’ experience; Wendell High School Principal Justin Alsterlund; and Meadows Valley School District PK-12 principal, Dee Frederickson.

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