Salmon River High School 2019 graduates

(L-R) Miranda Kohler, Abby Folwell, Chevelle Shepherd, Canyon Harper, Randy McClure, Kate Joyce, Reece Jones, AJ Dischinger and James Gregory

James Gregory: Idaho Governor’s Cup Career/Technology Education Scholarship, Pine Tree Two Rivers Coffee Scholarship, Ionic Masonic Lodge Scholarship, LCSC Leadership Scholarship, Dean Scholarship;

Chevelle Shepherd: American Legion Athlete Award, James E. Hawkins Memorial Scholarship, PTO Scholarship, Assembly of God Scholarship, Salmon River Alumni Scholarship, After School Kids, Inc. Scholarship, Booster Club Gold Scholarship, Booster Club MVP Scholarship, Salmon River Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Foster Morgan & Elizabeth Kantola Scholarship, Mida Gold Scholarship, Presidential Scholar, College of Idaho Grant, College of Idaho Scholarship, Anne Weeks Scholarship, Fullington & Wingert Memorial Scholarship, Kathryn Albertson Day Award, Windermere Realty Scholarship;

Randy McClure: American Legion Athlete Award, Shearer Scholarship;

Abby Folwell: American Legion Citizenship Award, Salmon River Community Church Scholarship, Booster Club Bronze Scholarship, Riggins Whitewater Market Scholarship, Ionic Masonic Lodge Scholarship, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Vo-Tech Scholarship;

Canyon Harper: PTO Scholarship, Booster Club Silver Scholarship, College of Idaho Grant, Dean’s Merit Scholarship, Athletic Football Scholarship, Kathryn Albertson Day Award;

Reece Jones: Ionic Masonic Lodge Scholarship;

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