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MVSD acting superintendent of the last year, Woody Woodford, has finished his time at the district.

GRANGEVILLE – “I believe we should run the levy again for a smaller amount; be very specific on what the levy would support,” Char McKinney spoke via Zoom at the June 15 Mountain View School District (MVSD) 244 board meeting.

McKinney, Clearwater Valley High school teacher and Central Idaho Education Association president, was one of several who spoke up in agreement of re-running the levy. The $3.9 million levy failed in May, 2,557 no to 1,444 yes.

“With many people having an increase in their property taxes, they said no, and I understand this,” trustee Pam Reidlen said. “But we’re in a crisis situation, and I feel there are still people who want to support education.”

Chair Rebecca Warden let the group know a levy decision could not be made that night; a special meeting would have to be scheduled.

Patron Norma Staaf said she would also like to see the board consider a smaller levy and in explain in detail what it would cover.

“I would like to see the board speak with one voice on how to go on,” she added.

In past meetings, acting superintendent Woody Woodford and business manager Becky Hogg have tried to explain the budget as a spaghetti sauce of sorts that is difficult to separate from each other.

Grangeville Elementary Middle School teacher, Bernadette Edwards, said she hoped the board would look into a four-day school week.

Patron Mike Connolley said, before any decisions on extracurricular cuts are made, he hopes the administration will meet with coaches and those affected by the programs in order to start the troubleshooting process.

Patron Renita Lee expressed a different opinion on re-running the levy.

“Unless the school board could justify some expenditures, re-running the levy would be more detrimental,” in the long-run, she said.

The board made the decision to declare a financial emergency, which allows them more flexibility in the negotiations process.

The board also passed a proposed budget for 2020-21 of $7,834,909. This budget can be viewed at the district office.

Woodford was thanked by the board for his service. New MVSD 244 superintendent, Todd Fiske, will start July 1. Grangeville High School retiring English teacher, Lynnette Lothspeich, was also recognized for her 15 years of service to the district.

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