Woody Woodford

Woody Woodford is the acting superintendent for Mountain View School District 244.

BOISE – Statewide, district and school final results are out for the fall Idaho Reading Indicator. Like the preliminary statewide data released in October, the results show that more Idaho students in first through third grade are performing at grade level than was demonstrated in the new IRI’s first outing last in fall 2018.

“Immediately after students completed the test, teachers in classrooms across Idaho began using this data to strategize, address individual student needs and bridge gaps,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said in a recent press release. “We expect more encouraging results this spring, when students take the IRI again and demonstrate what they’ve learned.”

Statewide, IRI students (all grades/all students average) showed that 54.7 percent were at grade level; 25 percent were near grade level; and 20.3 percent were below grade level.

Locally, Cottonwood Joint School District 242 students showed 59.5 percent at; 29.4 percent near; and 11.1 percent below.

For Mountain View School District 244 (which includes Grangeville, Elk City and Clearwater Valley in Kooskia), 53.9 were at; 29.1 near; and 17 below.

Salmon River Joint School District 243 in Riggins recorded 48.8 at; less than 47 at; and less than 15 below.

Kamiah Joint School District 304 showed 42 percent at; 31.3 percent near; and 26.8 percent below.

Acting Superintendent Woody Woodford, MVSD 244, said in recent board meetings that teachers would use traditional in-service days as “data days.”

“This is a time when teachers can sit down and evaluate and discuss the data,” he said. “Having the data there is one thing, but being able to utilize it early in the year and see how it can benefit students is really what is helpful.”

At the Nov. 18 MVSD 244 board meeting, Woodford alluded to recent K-3 literacy test results and told the trustees, “you have a lot to be proud of.”

In addition to local results, the new data release firms up the preliminary results while telling the same story:

•Kindergarten is the only grade level with a lower percentage of grade-level results than last fall’s testing: 42.3 percent, down from 44.9 percent. This drives home the importance of early literacy intervention: Too many Idaho children are entering school without the foundational skills they need.

•49 percent of first-graders performed at grade level, up from 42.9 percent in fall 2018.

•62.8 percent of second-graders performed at grade level, up from 60.3 percent last fall.

•64 percent of third-graders performed at grade level, up from 61.2 percent last fall.

Members of the public can access statewide, school and district results on the State Department of Education website: https://www.sde.idaho.gov/assessment/accountability/results.html.

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