GRANGEVILLE — “We thank everyone who helped make this year a success, but, mostly, we thank you, the parents and students,” Pete DeSantis, volunteer school administrator at Cornerstone Christian Learning Center (CCLC).

DeSantis spoke at the end-of-year program Wednesday, May 26. Students in preschool through fifth grade presented songs and were honored with a variety of awards.

Preschoolers in Lisa Summers’ class answered questions on what they wanted to be when they grow up, with every answer from smokejumper and ballet dancer, to bear hunter and teacher.

Liza Jackson’s kindergarten class happily sang motion songs and Michelle Thanstrom’s first and second graders offered laughs when first-grader Jace Adkison reminded the crowd, “I haven’t had dessert yet.” Serious moments were also on tap as Thanstrom told about four children who accepted the salvation plan in a two-week period.

“These kids are all amazing,” Thanstrom smiled.

The school’s oldest students are currently in Kristin Hauger’s class, and they sang “Fifty, Nifty United States,” naming all the states, as well as provided a scene of American Indian tribe dwellings they had been studying and working on.

CCLC can be reached by calling 208-983-0029 (leave a message for a callback). The school is located at the Grangeville Church of the Nazarene, 515 W. N. 2nd Street. CCLC generally follows the Mountain View School District 244 calendar and is open Monday through Friday. See the CCLC Facebook page for details.

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