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A selection of books, set as prizes, at the Grangeville Centennial Library, for the summer reading program.

After the past few months of homeschooling and social isolation, a welcome change has come to many local communities with the start of summer reading programs. Libraries across the region are set to begin activities with some new safety guidelines in place, and some events are under way. Daily events and crafts will help kids to get active and practice their reading skills.


GRANGEVILLE – “Lots of prizes are in store,” said library director Heidi Brown, “Those who enter will be rewarded with a free plushie, a ticket to all Idaho state parks, and a free book.” The Summer Reading Program at the Grangeville Centennial Library started May 27, and sign-ups are still open at the library.  Children who participate will have a summer full of activities and crafts, and lots of encouragement to keep up with their reading skills.

One major change is that crafts will no longer be in person. On Wednesdays at 9 a.m. there will be take home crafts available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


COTTONWOOD – At the Prairie Community Library, the summer reading programs are starting off. Storytime has also resumed on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. with some measures to keep children socially distanced. Participants in the program, led by Carissa Jones, will have opportunities to win lots of prizes. As a reward for each book read, the children can decorate gems on paper ice cream cones and be entered into a book drawing. At the end of the summer each participant will get a ticket to an ice cream party held in the park.

In relation to health and sanitation guidelines, there will be social distancing for the daily activities and cleaning between the programs.


KOOSKIA – Summer Reading Programs at the Kooskia Community Library are now in full swing. “There will be some changes,” Dena Puderbaugh said. The programs have been moved to the Kooskia Farmers’ Market. On Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., “take and make” crafts will be available. Additionally, there will be a Saturday outdoor storytime and craft, which will be recorded and posted to YouTube and Facebook for people to access at home.


WHITE BIRD – Information for the White Bird Community Library summer programming was not available at the time of printing.


ELK CITY – On June 10, summer reading programs for the Elk City Community Library began. This year the theme is “Reading Scavenger Hunt.” Readers aged preschool to 8th grade receive a map with directions to books for different reading situations. Participants can keep track of the books they read on a provided list. At the end of the summer there is a party with food, prizes, and everyone will get a free book donated by Grangeville Centennial Library.

Volunteer Sue Phillips said, “Those who would like to participate in the program are welcome to sign up all summer long at the library.”

To keep with the CDC guidelines, most of the activities will be independent for families or children. Storytime also resumed on June 10th, and anyone is welcome to listen. However, the staff asks that anyone 3 years old or younger sits on the lap of an accompanying family member.


RIGGINS – Summer reading programs will be starting soon at the Salmon River Public Library. Susan Hollenbeck said that planning is now in place to work with the new COVID-19 guidelines and make sure participants can be safe and healthy while taking part in the activities and crafts.

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