Supplement company offers pure minerals

Owners of CR Supplements outside of Stites include (top, L-R) Joe Holliman, Varrell Jackson, Susan Hull, Matt Jones, Judi Cutlip and Guy Park (not pictured, Tanya Jacks and Roberta Paul).

STITES — Eight former WaterOz employees have come together as partner-owners of a new business in the Clearwater area—Clearwater River Supplements—also known as CR Supplements, LLC outside of Grangeville, near Stites.

Located behind the WaterOz building that was destroyed by fire last year, CR Supplements is on Stites Road. They offer a variety of dietary supplements featuring pure liquid minerals. Owners of CR Supplements are Varrell Jackson, Joe Holliman, Matt Jones, Guy Park, Susan Hull, Judi Cutlip, Tanya Jacks and Roberta Paul.

“We are all excited to pursue our vision of ionic mineral supplements and what they can mean to good health as a part of the supplement business” said Hull.

Jackson explained the group saw the need for a quality liquid mineral supplement that anyone could take. “We want to share that we have easy-to-swallow minerals that are quickly available to body systems,” Holliman explained.

Jackson said every body needs minerals to be healthy, and due to soil nutrients being depleted and foods having little to no mineral nutrition, CR Supplements offers these liquid minerals to replenish electrolytes and other minerals that a body needs to be healthy.

“We need these minerals to stay alive,” Jackson said, explaining all CR Supplements products are liquid in the purest form available.

CR Supplements uses a seven stage water purification system applied to water from a 1,200 foot well to achieve the purest water available. The minerals are acquired in the purest elemental form, usually 99.9 percent pure. These are the minerals that are put into the purified water. An Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) machine is used to certify the PPMs in their product are accurate. All products are dairy and meat free and Kosher of America approved. They are also free of sugar, preservatives, colors, GMOs and flavorings.

The owners said research has shown that 3 to 20 percent of all materials contained in pill, capsule and solid forms can be absorbed by the body, while the remaining amount is flushed out. With the liquid supplements, absorption rates are greatly increased, sometimes to as much as 98 percent.

CR Supplements products include boron, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, indium, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, platinum, potassium, selenium, silver, sulfur, tin, vanadium, zinc, and two blends, and two other ionic products.

“We always encourage customers to seek the advice of their health care provider of choice,” Hull said. CR Supplements employees cannot diagnose conditions and they make no claims for treating, curing or preventing any diseases.

All CR Supplements products are water soluble. They can be taken alone or mixed with water for ease of use. The supplements do not contain any added preservatives, coloring or flavors.

“The eight of us believe in and use the products, so we have a personal investment in CR Supplements as well as financial investment” Jackson said.

CR Supplements products can be purchased by calling 926-4639; online at and can also be viewed on Facebook and

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