Painting pic

Luella Smith’s award-winning painting, “City in disarray.”

KAMIAH -- Upriver Youth Leadership Council (UYLC) asked aspiring artists in Kamiah and Kooskia to submit original work that expressed themselves through art on their feelings of #safeathome and they delivered in a big way! The judges were floored by the talent, thoughtfulness and technical ability of this year’s student artists.

The judges of this year’s contest were Jody Dow, Mona Farmer, Toby Robin, Candance Short and Shanna Clark. Each entry was judged on the artwork itself as well as the narrative submitted.  The participants did an amazing job of creatively describing their feelings of #safeathome through art and narrative.

Winners are: 1st place -- Luella Smith ($100); 2nd place -- Whitney Andrews ($50); 3rd place -- MaKinna Wilson ($25); honorable mention: Yessica Gonzales and Brentiyah Broncheau (Silverwood ticket).

Smith’s winning entry, “City in disarray,” is, Smith explained, portraying some of the confusion of living in a nationwide pandemic.

“Living so far from the clusters of people who got hit the hardest has made life less frightening, but still very eerie and confusing,” she said. “I’m worried for the people who live in large cities, such as New York City, who are having a devastating impact recently from COVID-19. I made this piece very abstract to symbolize the disarray the cities are in from this epidemic. I purposely left little definition to the buildings to enforce this abstract look.”

“Throughout quarantine, art has been a creative outlet for me. Although this piece is small, I still am quite proud of it. All this time at home has made people do things they wouldn’t normally do, this wasn’t an exception for me,” Smith added. “I don’t normally paint things that are this gloomy and melancholy. I’m glad I did though, I’m happy with how it turned out and diversity in my work is something I needed to work on.”

Artwork will be on display in the front window at 413 Main Street, Kamiah and are on display on the UYLC website

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