Wasem pens historical book on McComas Meadows

Taming the Meadows

McCOMAS MEADOWS – The area of Harpster known as McComas Meadows played an important part in the formative years of Eldene Wasem and she decided to preserve that history for generations to come.

“My book is finally printed,” smiled Wasem last week. “Taming the Meadows” is the story of the history of McComas Meadows, including famous figures and happenings.

The 98-page book includes approximately 100 photos, many in color, as well as marriage certificates, maps and newspaper clippings. A section of the book deals with Camp 58.

Wasem, now of Grangeville, was born Eldene Rupe July 10, 1928, Loyd and Murl (Shearer) Rupe, the sixth of seven children in her family. McComas Meadows was homesteaded by Jess McComas in 1900.

Wasem said she has written out of necessity to preserve the history. She lived the first 17 years of her life 10 miles northwest of McComas Meadows and spent much time there. She and her sister rode horses there when they were young girls.

“When the weather was warm and dry, the family would make the 10 mile trip with the family pickup,” the back of her book reads Her father, grandfather and brothers hunted in the meadows and fished at Meadow Creek.

“I became fascinated with the early homesteaders and what they went through there, as well as the rifts between residents who lived there,” she said. “I began to research the many stories and piece together the history of the meadow’s inhabitants.”

“Taming the Meadows” is available through Wasem at the Grangeville home of her and her husband, Harold. Call 983-0195. The book is also available at The Print Shop and at Book N Hand in Grangeville. Cost is $20. Shipping will be added to books ordered out of the area.

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