Harvest of garlic photo

A bountiful harvest of garlic.

WHITE BIRD —- Very short column this week. The harvest of good things continues in White Bird and on the river. Leah Harvey sent me a picture of the garlic that she just picked. Very good crop!

With all the fires raging around us, none of us should need to be reminded to be fire safe and fire cautious. The water shortage continues to be of great concern to Brian Lowe, the fire chief, and city officials. All outside watering with city water is banned. White Bird residents are asked to be careful of their indoor water usage also as the city wells are having a difficult time keeping up with the water usage. This causes concerns for when the water is needed to fight a local fire.

If you have children or grandchildren, Pleasant View Baptist Church is holding a three-day Vacation Bible School, July 26-28; 9 a.m. to noon. A mission team is coming from Leoma, Tenn., to help the church put on this special event. There will be a BBQ, ice cream socials, special adult services in the evening, a concert by Alesha Moore, who has made some recordings in Nashville, and lots of good things for the kids. Look for a poster in your White Bird mail the week before the event.

Be safe, be smart and continue to pray for the firefighters around the West.

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