WHITE BIRD — Here we are in the middle of August already! Summer has come and almost gone and with that school will be beginning in another week, the 23rd. Yes, that was the big “S” word so, remember registration will be the week of Aug. 14 through 18 for Grangeville. You can call 208-983-0580 for questions.If you are attending Riggins, theirs is Aug. 15-17. The elementary school will be on Aug. 22. Call 208-628-6055.

In the meantime, let’s help support our kids who have taken 4-H throughout the year and are ready to finally see all their hard work come to an end. Aug. 16-19 will be the Idaho County Fair in Cottonwood. Open exhibits are always welcomed. Saturday the parade will be downtown with the sale of the animals that afternoon and all their hard work will be just a memory. Then it all starts over again for next year!!

Got a call from Evelyn DeWitt wanting to express her appreciation for the quick and much community help with the fire. Heckmans, Cullins, LaVerne and Howard, and Boyd Hopkins and Julie got the job done…no questions asked. As Evelyn puts it “they didn’t even wake me to tell me about it”.

The rain came and went just like that, so let’s hope that it helped in some small way, not enough to put it out by all means, but a welcomed relief to help settle the dust and the smoke.

No meetings are being held this week so it will be pretty quiet down here.

Fire camp is still at the rodeo grounds and they are predicting that they may be there until October or until the fire is put out.

There has been some new work done on the old liquor store with a new business going in. I’ll have more on this as soon as I can catch up with the owners to get the lowdown on what exactly they will have for the public to purchase. I hear it is a combination of a few things…stay tuned for more.

The next brown bag program will be on Wed., Aug. 23, at noon. Subject for this one will be on Scattered Idaho County Graves by Max Pelham. Remember these are in the basement of the Centennial Historical Museum and usually run for about an hour. Bring your lunch and enjoy.

Birthdays this week are: Steve Withers, Kira Stowers, Keith Schultz, Clint Sickels, Dennis Harvey (13), Rod Pilant, Laura Brown (14), Denise Fehrenkamp, Gail Lowe (16), Jack Reese (17), and Cheryl Bransford (19).

In memory of Paul Filer (15) and Neal DeWitt (19).

Anniversary wishes go to Marcus & Rachel Eidal.

TidBits: Just a small reminder that the total solar eclipse will occur this next Monday, Aug. 21. They say you can see it much of the entire day, but remember to protect your eyes!!

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